Zika Virus

The Zika Virus. A rapidly spreading virus, that has been becoming a real threat in the past 2 years, In Fact the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the virus is a global health emergency on February 1st, 2016. But the Zika Virus has been here for quite a while than just 2 years, So let’s start at the very beginning of the elusive Zika Virus with the year 1947. This was the first ever reported case of the Zika virus, located in the country of Uganda . The name “Zika” came from the Forest in Uganda in which was found. The virus is related and has it’s similarities to the already very known diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and the infamous West Nile Virus. This virus like the other ones listed are transmitted primarily through Mosquitos but in recent mutations of Zika can also be transmitted sexually. So far there is no vaccine or treatment to help fight this virus and there might not be a full vaccine found and established within the next ten years.

The specific Symptoms of this dreadful virus can include sharp pains in the back of the eyes and pain in the joints & muscles. The Overall symptoms in the body include Fatigue, fever, the chills, loss of appetite and also excessive sweating. Other related symptoms that can be caused by the virus is eye redness, intense headaches, skin rashes, and also vomiting.

Now that you have received a basic background on the Zika virus, were going to jump right into the juicy conspiracies. The first conspiracy that I’m going to discuss revolving around this virus has to do with the Rockefeller Foundation. Yes, I said the Rockefeller foundation, one of the great foundations that have had a big part on the building of the United States to make it how it is today. This actually dates back to the very beginning in 1947. Back when they originally found the virus, it was originally the Rockefeller foundation’s own researchers that

Mosquito spreading Zika Virus

discovered the first strain of the virus. For the past 70 years, the Rockefeller Foundation has been keeping this virus under wraps very suspiciously. Starting with The Foundation having own a shadowy Patent on the Zika virus itself, under the trade name “ATCC VR­84”. Rockefeller himself founded another foundation which is commonly recognized in the conspiracy community, known as the “Trilateral Commision”. Which has been tied with many conspiracies over­time that involve major and usual conspiracy things such as world domination. Why does it tie to the Zika virus? Well the Trilateral Commision is now controlled over the science division of the Rockefeller Foundation and now owns the Patent on the virus.

The other huge Conspiracy that surrounds the Zika virus and has mainly to do within the last few years. This is about Oxi­tec. Oxi­tec formerly known as the “Oxford Insect Technologies” , which their main and primary agenda revolves around genetically modified insects. The company released in 2015, an abundance of the new GMO ( Genetically Modified ) mosquitoes in Brazil, which is now the Epicenter of the Zika virus since the past year. The new species/ strain of mosquitoes that was released in Brazil was named “ OX513A”. Oxitec first revealed this GMO mosquito farming in 2012 with it’s main purpose to try to find different ways to treat Dengue fever. Both the Dengue and Zika virus are both mainly spread through the same species of mosquito, called “Aedes”. The epicenter of the virus Brazil, got so bad off due to the spread within the country from Zika, that they were very close to coming to the decision of shutting down the 2016 Rio Olympics but by cutting it very close they were able to pull it off and host the summer olympics. Now is it possible that the release of Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitos was the real reason behind the recent major outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil? Yes. It’s quite possible.

Now what would be the main purpose of creating such a strain of disease? I’ll tell you. The main conspiracy could be that companies such as Oxitec and The Rockefeller Foundation could be using the Zika virus to become the ultimate weapon. A Bio­weapon. Nothing could be more precise and more dangerous than biological and chemical warfare. Hence that’s why the Geneva

Convention banned such warfare, after the results and devastation in chemical warfare in World War 1. Though, These recent Outbreaks can only be just experiments… If these were only experiments, god knows what would be the actual offense. There’s a big chance that it could have something to do with population control. Which in recent news, the main controversy with the virus is it’s effects on babies. Since the recent outbreaks in Florida, births in the area all had experienced babies with very serious Birth defects, so severe that babies might not even last a full year. The specific birth defect that has quite bit of controversy is ”Microcephaly”, which is a birth defect that affects the brain and causes brain failure and increases the size of the cranium. This would make sense for such population control because in ten years the population is estimated to be increased up to 9­10 billion people on planet Earth. So in the Government’s eyes, population control is almost necessary in order to not overpopulate the world we hold so dear. So the question is why wouldn’t they? The U.S Government, despite of recent events in states, is completely downplaying this Zika virus situation. In fact, The Obama administration urges people not to panic yet, even though they have committed $1.8 billion in emergency funding. Therefore the Zika virus is a topic that should not be ignored and to not let truth be hidden from the public, before it’s too late.

Community written by The Iceman

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