What the Green Party gains from leaving the EU

David Cameron, Photo Credit Charlie Reynolds

Who are the Green Party?

The Green Party is a UK political party based on the principles of “Green Politics”. This means they focus heavily on issues including social justice, animal rights and environmentalism. Currently lead by Natalie Bennett the UK Green party is very stereotypically viewed by the youth of the UK as the “good” party as they fight for the social issues that the UK Youth has been lead to believe are most important such as social justice and environmentalism. The downside here is that students famously have not used their votes in the past. In the Brexit vote only 36% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 actually voted. If the Green Party is ever to come into power this will need to change.

What is Brexit?

To our readers who aren’t from EU I will give a brief summary (although im sure news has made it’s way across the pond). David Cameron (UK Prime Minister) is a supporter of staying in the EU and while this is great for the EU as you may have realized the UK has a large percentage who don’t want to be in the EU. In an attempt to silence this issue before the next elections and stay in power David Cameron called for a vote (in an attempt to silence the leave voters). The same situation worked out very well recently in the Scottish independence vote, silencing the Scottish who wanted to leave the UK. This time however, this opened door was much more dangerous. The Leave vote won with 52% of the total votes and only 70% of the UK actually voted, a big difference could have been made had the students voted.

Green Party votes on the rise

What would the Green Party gain from leaving the EU?

The Green Party wants the students to utilize their vote, the UK Youth famously does not use their votes and actually have a lot of power, they just don’t realize it yet because they are so new to voting and it feels too macro for many of them. So this was Natalie Bennetts chance to teach a lesson. We don’t know if this was Natalies plan and she had discussed this with David Cameron as the referendum was purely a political move by David Cameron. It was in the Green Party interest to scare the students into voting next time ,and what scares students more than a decision being made that isn’t politically correct. The EU vote registration was even extended , another intentional scare tactic warning students that this was your second chance, don’t waste it.

And then the votes were counted, the UK is now leaving the EU. The GBP has dropped by over 10% globally. Many students pointed fingers blaming racists or the elderly, not realizing how easily they could have avoided this. And now every student knows that the next time they have to vote they can make a big difference and with currently 28% of students voting Green (and steadily climbing) this might finally be the Green Party year. Brexit was just a warning.

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