SONY or NOSY, Are they watching?



We’re all familiar with SONY the family friendly company, but are they being too friendly? Are they overcompensating to cover up a dark evil? What follows is what I have so far managed to uncover in my investigations.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have seen that SONY is a cleverly masked anagram of the word NOSY. The dictionary definition of nosy is ‘showing too much curiosity about other people’s affairs’ or ‘to pry into something’. What is it Sony into you might ask? Well as it turns out, all too much.

Sony was founded in 1946 Japan in the wake of WWII, by one Masaru Ibuka. Mr Ibuka worked in a research division of the Japanese navy during the war. Rumours have circulated for years that the illuminati members responsible for the war (on both sides) fled into hiding when their plans for world domination backfired, is Mr Ibuka one of these? Did he form a family-friendly technology company to escape suspicion? Who can say. I spoke to a WWII historian Dr Radcliffe who specialises in post 1945 Japan and he had some interesting things to say.

“It is highly probable that research divisions in the Japanese military were intrinsically involved in secretive and possibly occult matters and that in the wake of defeat these people fled into industries throughout the country. With their research based skills, a likely refuge would be in the technological sector” - Dr Radcliffe, PhD in Post WWII Japan, 2017

Let us jump forward now to a more modern day Sony.

We’re all familiar with Sony’s branch into the electronic entertainment industry, the playstation brand. Below is an image of the iconic playstation buttons present on all controllers.

Controller Picture

Seems innocent yes? No. This set up masks the first of many dark truths about playstation and the Sony corporation in general.

Templar logo

Above is the familiar cross of the Knights Templar, a secretive organisation often linked with the Illuminati. What is the connection you ask? Terrifying is what it is.

Controller with Templar logo

Above you can see the Templar cross carefully superposed onto the playstation controller, and they just so happen to match up perfectly. What is even more terrifying is what the symbols on the controller mean.

The circle has long been a symbol of cycles, stasis and things staying the same. The square is a symbol of a solid foundation, strength and the reinforcement of ideals with strength. The triangle obviously has strong ties to the Illuminati, and the fact it is at the top of the controller speaks volumes, triangles on top of things is heavily indicative of Illuminati involvement. The X is merely ergonomic, after all controller has to perform its function of being primarily a gaming device. The eagle-eyed reader may have noticed that the square and circle are on the same level, beneath the triangle. This is because the higher power of the Illuminati rests upon a strong foundation of cycles, keeping humanity repeating the same things over and over again so that we never ascend to the next level as members of the Illuminati have. The X lies beneath all of these because as has been mentioned it is merely ergonomic and plays no part in their plans.

Now some amongst you may not yet be convinced, but there is more. Sony presents itself as a family-friendly company, they try not to seem like the typical greedy corporation we all despise. In keeping with this image they get involved with charitable works to lend favour to their public image. One such charitable work is the EYESEE project. This sees children in developing countries given cameras and filming equipment. The children are taken around and told to take images of people/places etc and interview those they capture. The project then is primarily for data gathering, observation etc. The images taken belong to Sony in perpetuity, which seems strange. What struck me was that a corporation is quite clearly providing young children with the skills necessary to conduct surveillance on other people, for what purpose who knows? The children are encouraged to try and pursue employment with their skills, perhaps they go on to merely become wildlife photographers or maybe they become journalists. They could become the people we rely on to report the truth to us and having such people heavily influenced by a big corporation just does not sit right with me. And then it hit me. Sony. Nosy. EYESEE. I SEE. Who sees? What do they see? Once again, are they watching?

Now again, some people may not be convinced, but I smelt something wrong with this story and dug further. On message boards I found rumours about children linked to the EYESEE project (hereafter ES project) going missing. So I decided to pursue this strand further and found something very worrisome.

an actual screenshot!

Google SUGGESTED a result to me. Moreover the suggestion appears in both tenses, clearly it has happened before, but even more worrying, is it still happening?

Upon further research of the ES project I discovered links with a genetic laboratory conducting ‘non-profit research into rare eye diseases’. This is John and Marcia Carver laboratory. Naturally this intrigued me so I thought I would research into these people more. However, something startling occurred, no google result presents itself for either John or Marcia Carver, they are like ghosts. The only related result is a link to the very website of the laboratory. Suspicion engulfed me, so I decided to see what this so called ‘lab’ did. As mentioned it conducts research into ‘rare eye diseases’, how does it do this research you ask?

“The John and Marcia Carver Nonprofit Genetic Testing Laboratory is dedicated to providing non-profit genetic testing for rare eye diseases to meet a societal need. Most of the diseases that we study are so rare that commercial tests would be unlikely to be viable for the long term.”

If these diseases are so rare then how do they represent a ‘societal need’? This laboratory then, does genetic screening of the population to test for ‘very rare’ diseases that cannot be commercially tested for. In other words, these are the only people who can even tell who has these diseases, could they just be making it all up? I had a similar thought myself, but why? Why would Sony do this? Well amongst the linked information I found during the child kidnapping strand of my investigation I discovered a story about a child in China who had gone missing and upon his return had ‘cat-eyes’ that enabled him to see in the dark. Are the missing children from the ES project being tested on genetically by this laboratory? Why again you ask?

The answer lies with a news story that came out as I was writing up my findings. Sony have just recently patented a new kind of contact lens. This contact lens contains a camera which is operated with the mere blink of an eye. Immediately I saw a drawback with this invention, if you’re in the dark they’d be useless! Or so I thought, further contemplation dashed those thoughts from my mind. What if someone like the Chinese boy with the cat eyes wore them? Well then he’d be able to take pictures at night and they’d be perfectly clear. And finally I connected all the dots. Children are being trained in surveillance techniques by a seemingly charitable organisation. Presumably the ones who excel the most mysteriously go missing, these children are then genetically tested to see if they can be given eyes which see in the dark. These children can then be given these contact lenses and suddenly Sony, or the Illuminati figures behind the curtain, have fully trained surveillance operatives able to photograph people with the mere blink of an eye. Frightening stuff. But limited in scope I thought, and it would take too long to spread these child-spies throughout society. These agents would have to be used for specific targets. Mass observation of the population is still not achieved. So what if they took it a step further? What if the people who go to the Carver laboratory are fitted with these contact lenses without their knowledge? Any pain they may feel in their eyes when they leave could be attributed to the intrusive nature of the tests, and unbeknownst to the person, they’ve been fitted with a camera. A camera which will record their lives and beam the information back to Sony. So there we have it. Not only are children being trained as spies to record specific targets and their actions. Unwitting volunteers who just want to help cure a disease are being fitted with cameras without their knowledge. Any of us could be being recorded and we would never know. Sony, nosy, EYESEE, contact lens cameras, cat-eyed children. There’s a very strong link to sight and observation. The Illuminati have long been linked with the all-seeing-eye and we know they are always watching society and observing. Waiting to manipulate our actions, this is merely the next step in their plan.

I have no doubt there’s more to the story but I think all this evidence, whilst circumstantial alone, comes together to shine a light on the evil people behind the Sony corporation. It’s now up to all of us to research further and try and stop them before it’s too late.

Community written by The Lyceum

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