Die Glocke , A Nazi Wormhole Time Machine

What is Die Glocke?

Die Glocke is German for “The Bell”, a top secret Nazi device shaped like a large metal bell. the device was about 4 meters tall making it large enough for a person to climb inside. it was filled with a liquid code named “Xerum 525” which was metallic and purple in color. Five of the Seven Scientists working on this project allegedly died whilst working on it.

Die Glocke Replica

What did Die Glocke Do?

There are a few theories as to what the device did? Why was it important for it to be large enough for a human to fit inside?

One common Theory is that Die Glocke was somehow a trans-dimensional wormhole, allowing “The Bell” to be used as a teleportation device or possibly a Nazi Time Machine. It was already a common theory that during the war Nazis were working on making a time machine. It is understandable why a time machine would be an incredibly powerful asset during a World War so all avenues had to be explored. One indication that this theory might be true is that Die Glocke has been missing for coming up to 100 years, it is possible an experiment went wrong leaving Die Glocke and it’s traveler trapped somewhere in space-time.

Another Theory is that the device had superconductive properties and this allowed the liquid within to flow at high speeds and to do so indefinitely as a “free-energy” device. when the “Xerum 525” flows it creates a magnetic field which allowed the device to apparently float as if in zero gravity. There are many stories floating around claiming that UFOs are linked to Nazi Germany and this could be another one of those rumours adding to the story.

We don’t know what Die Glocke does but we can be certain it is something interesting.

Die Glocke and the Kecksburg Acorn

Some sources state that the famous UFO the Kecksburg Acorn shared the same markings as “Die Glocke” even though the UFO crashed to Earth 30 years later, this could imply that there is some power behind these markings that is already understood by Aliens, on the other hand it supports the theory that Hitler worked closely with Aliens and shared knowledge on this topic.

Many suggest Hitler worked closely with Aliens during WWII

Where is Die Glocke now?

There is Speculation that the device was moved to a Nazi-friendly South American country or moved to the USA as part of a deal. there is also the theory that it was lost in space-time depending on the use of “the Bell” itself. All that is known publicly is that we don’t know where it is now or what it’s purpose was.

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