JFK and The Magic Bullet Theory

Who is JFK?

John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States of America, JFK was the 4th (and most recent) president to have been assasinated and there is a large amount of controversy surrounding his death.

JFK in a car

JFK Assasination

JFK was very famously assasinated, he also had a lot of trouble keeping secrets and always very honest with the American people. This was a problem for the American government because certain secrets ( such as Fort Knox being empty, or Area 51 containing Alien vessels ) were deemed unfit for the public, and JFK wanted to tell people about this. He disempowered the federeal reserve system and made many bold decisions which we won’t be going into now. The Warren Report was the main document surrouning the presidents assasination and this is widely regarded as a cover up document with many inconsistencies, the one we are going to talk about today is known as the “Magic Bullet” Theory.

What is the JFK Magic Bullet Theory

A very general theory to the JFK assaination is that there were more than one shooters, one famously known (Lee Harvey Oswald) who is considered the government patsy, the mentally ill fall guy for the US Government. The second shooter a government agent trained to not miss, to make sure the JFK would be fatally wounded. The issue with this was the when the Warren Report came out they would have to scrub any evidence making it seem like there was more than one shooter which famously lead the the single bullet theory suggesting that a single bullet did all damage to the president and other people in the car.

Magic Bullet Trajectory

“The magic bullet enters the President’s back, headed downward at an angle of 17 degrees. It then moves upward in order to leave Kennedy’s body from the front of his neck – his neck wound number two – where it waits 1.6 seconds, turns right and continues into Connally’s body at the rear of his right armpit – wound number three. Then, the bullet heads downward at an angle of 27 degrees, shattering Connally’s fifth rib and leaving from the right side of his chest – wounds four and five. The bullet continues downward and then enters Connally’s right wrist – wound number six – shattering the radius bone. It then enters his left thigh – wound number seven – from which it later falls out and is found in almost “pristine” condition on a stretcher in a corridor of Parkland Hospital.”

Jim Garrison JFK(1991)

Obviously it seems crazy for this to happen espeically the part where the bullet hangs in the air for almost two seconds, there are some more outrageous theories that mock thise theory by saying that aliens intentionally pause the bullet in mid air to make sure it killed JFK and they turn it from the spaceship. It is very clear that some information has been covered up here and also when they found the “Magic Bullet” it looked almost pristine.

Pristine Bullet

I recomend people have a read through of the actual document as this is only one of very many strange coincidences in the Warren Report https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/warren-commission-report/

Where was the magic bullet found?

Many people are curious as to where the magic bullet was found, or if it was ever found at all as the name implies it is mysterious. The bullet was apparently discovered in a gurney after the assaination had taken place at the Parkland Memorial Hospital. This circumstances seems very suspicious and may have been intentionally left there to cover up the tracks of the conspiracy.

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