What are Chemtrails?

Wouldn’t it be convenient if we had a way to spread chemicals over a large area for any purpose, from killing pests to lacing the air with dangerous chemicals there would surely be many benefits to this technology.

Well this technology already exists, and has existed for a very long time, if it is a sunny day outside have a look up in the sky and chances are you can see the trails left behind by any commercial airliner. There are chemtrails , or chemical trails.
A plane leaving behind chemtrails


Patents already exist out there for aerosol distribution in the United States (as pictured below).It is said that if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck, why would a patent exist for chemical distribution if they weren’t planning on implementing it! You can distinguish the chemtrails from actual vapor trail by how quickly they dissipate in the air. A normal chemtrail will stay in the air for about 12-48 hours depending on the chemical used as they slowly dissipate to earth.
An actual patent for chemtrail distribution technology

So Why Should I care?

Have you ever had the so called “mystery Flu”? Where suddenly you and all your co-workers are struck down sick at the same time and we are incapable to do anything about it? This could have been a chemtrail attack on your city so be careful.

“If the existence of Nuclear weapons has taught us anything it would simply be that just because we possess powerful technologies, it does not necessarily mean that we should use them. Unfortunately, we are currently on course to learn similarly grave lessons from other devastating technologies such Genetically Modified Foods, Chemtrails and HAARP.”

Gary Hopkins
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