SONY or NOSY, Are they watching?



We’re all familiar with SONY the family friendly company, but are they being too friendly? Are they overcompensating to cover up a dark evil? What follows is what I have so far managed to uncover in my investigations.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have seen that SONY is a cleverly masked anagram of the word NOSY. The dictionary definition of nosy is ‘showing too much curiosity about other people’s affairs’ or ‘to pry into something’. What is it Sony into you might ask? Well as it turns out, all too much.

Sony was founded in 1946 Japan in the wake of WWII, by one Masaru Ibuka. Mr Ibuka worked in a research division of the Japanese navy during the war. Rumours have circulated for years that the illuminati members responsible for the war (on both sides) fled into hiding when their plans for world domination backfired, is Mr Ibuka one of these? Did he form a family-friendly technology company to escape suspicion? Who can say. I spoke to a WWII historian Dr Radcliffe who specialises in post 1945 Japan and he had some interesting things to say.

“It is highly probable that research divisions in the Japanese military were intrinsically involved in secretive and possibly occult matters and that in the wake of defeat these people fled into industries throughout the country. With their research based skills, a likely refuge would be in the technological sector” - Dr Radcliffe, PhD in Post WWII Japan, 2017

Let us jump forward now to a more modern day Sony.

We’re all familiar with Sony’s branch into the electronic entertainment industry, the playstation brand. Below is an image of the iconic playstation buttons present on all controllers.

Controller Picture

Seems innocent yes? No. This set up masks the first of many dark truths about playstation and the Sony corporation in general.

Templar logo

Above is the familiar cross of the Knights Templar, a secretive organisation often linked with the Illuminati. What is the connection you ask? Terrifying is what it is.

Controller with Templar logo

Above you can see the Templar cross carefully superposed onto the playstation controller, and they just so happen to match up perfectly. What is even more terrifying is what the symbols on the controller mean.

The circle has long been a symbol of cycles, stasis and things staying the same. The square is a symbol of a solid foundation, strength and the reinforcement of ideals with strength. The triangle obviously has strong ties to the Illuminati, and the fact it is at the top of the controller speaks volumes, triangles on top of things is heavily indicative of Illuminati involvement. The X is merely ergonomic, after all controller has to perform its function of being primarily a gaming device. The eagle-eyed reader may have noticed that the square and circle are on the same level, beneath the triangle. This is because the higher power of the Illuminati rests upon a strong foundation of cycles, keeping humanity repeating the same things over and over again so that we never ascend to the next level as members of the Illuminati have. The X lies beneath all of these because as has been mentioned it is merely ergonomic and plays no part in their plans.

Now some amongst you may not yet be convinced, but there is more. Sony presents itself as a family-friendly company, they try not to seem like the typical greedy corporation we all despise. In keeping with this image they get involved with charitable works to lend favour to their public image. One such charitable work is the EYESEE project. This sees children in developing countries given cameras and filming equipment. The children are taken around and told to take images of people/places etc and interview those they capture. The project then is primarily for data gathering, observation etc. The images taken belong to Sony in perpetuity, which seems strange. What struck me was that a corporation is quite clearly providing young children with the skills necessary to conduct surveillance on other people, for what purpose who knows? The children are encouraged to try and pursue employment with their skills, perhaps they go on to merely become wildlife photographers or maybe they become journalists. They could become the people we rely on to report the truth to us and having such people heavily influenced by a big corporation just does not sit right with me. And then it hit me. Sony. Nosy. EYESEE. I SEE. Who sees? What do they see? Once again, are they watching?

Now again, some people may not be convinced, but I smelt something wrong with this story and dug further. On message boards I found rumours about children linked to the EYESEE project (hereafter ES project) going missing. So I decided to pursue this strand further and found something very worrisome.

an actual screenshot!

Google SUGGESTED a result to me. Moreover the suggestion appears in both tenses, clearly it has happened before, but even more worrying, is it still happening?

Upon further research of the ES project I discovered links with a genetic laboratory conducting ‘non-profit research into rare eye diseases’. This is John and Marcia Carver laboratory. Naturally this intrigued me so I thought I would research into these people more. However, something startling occurred, no google result presents itself for either John or Marcia Carver, they are like ghosts. The only related result is a link to the very website of the laboratory. Suspicion engulfed me, so I decided to see what this so called ‘lab’ did. As mentioned it conducts research into ‘rare eye diseases’, how does it do this research you ask?

“The John and Marcia Carver Nonprofit Genetic Testing Laboratory is dedicated to providing non-profit genetic testing for rare eye diseases to meet a societal need. Most of the diseases that we study are so rare that commercial tests would be unlikely to be viable for the long term.”

If these diseases are so rare then how do they represent a ‘societal need’? This laboratory then, does genetic screening of the population to test for ‘very rare’ diseases that cannot be commercially tested for. In other words, these are the only people who can even tell who has these diseases, could they just be making it all up? I had a similar thought myself, but why? Why would Sony do this? Well amongst the linked information I found during the child kidnapping strand of my investigation I discovered a story about a child in China who had gone missing and upon his return had ‘cat-eyes’ that enabled him to see in the dark. Are the missing children from the ES project being tested on genetically by this laboratory? Why again you ask?

The answer lies with a news story that came out as I was writing up my findings. Sony have just recently patented a new kind of contact lens. This contact lens contains a camera which is operated with the mere blink of an eye. Immediately I saw a drawback with this invention, if you’re in the dark they’d be useless! Or so I thought, further contemplation dashed those thoughts from my mind. What if someone like the Chinese boy with the cat eyes wore them? Well then he’d be able to take pictures at night and they’d be perfectly clear. And finally I connected all the dots. Children are being trained in surveillance techniques by a seemingly charitable organisation. Presumably the ones who excel the most mysteriously go missing, these children are then genetically tested to see if they can be given eyes which see in the dark. These children can then be given these contact lenses and suddenly Sony, or the Illuminati figures behind the curtain, have fully trained surveillance operatives able to photograph people with the mere blink of an eye. Frightening stuff. But limited in scope I thought, and it would take too long to spread these child-spies throughout society. These agents would have to be used for specific targets. Mass observation of the population is still not achieved. So what if they took it a step further? What if the people who go to the Carver laboratory are fitted with these contact lenses without their knowledge? Any pain they may feel in their eyes when they leave could be attributed to the intrusive nature of the tests, and unbeknownst to the person, they’ve been fitted with a camera. A camera which will record their lives and beam the information back to Sony. So there we have it. Not only are children being trained as spies to record specific targets and their actions. Unwitting volunteers who just want to help cure a disease are being fitted with cameras without their knowledge. Any of us could be being recorded and we would never know. Sony, nosy, EYESEE, contact lens cameras, cat-eyed children. There’s a very strong link to sight and observation. The Illuminati have long been linked with the all-seeing-eye and we know they are always watching society and observing. Waiting to manipulate our actions, this is merely the next step in their plan.

I have no doubt there’s more to the story but I think all this evidence, whilst circumstantial alone, comes together to shine a light on the evil people behind the Sony corporation. It’s now up to all of us to research further and try and stop them before it’s too late.

Community written by The Lyceum

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Zika Virus

The Zika Virus. A rapidly spreading virus, that has been becoming a real threat in the past 2 years, In Fact the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the virus is a global health emergency on February 1st, 2016. But the Zika Virus has been here for quite a while than just 2 years, So let’s start at the very beginning of the elusive Zika Virus with the year 1947. This was the first ever reported case of the Zika virus, located in the country of Uganda . The name “Zika” came from the Forest in Uganda in which was found. The virus is related and has it’s similarities to the already very known diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and the infamous West Nile Virus. This virus like the other ones listed are transmitted primarily through Mosquitos but in recent mutations of Zika can also be transmitted sexually. So far there is no vaccine or treatment to help fight this virus and there might not be a full vaccine found and established within the next ten years.

The specific Symptoms of this dreadful virus can include sharp pains in the back of the eyes and pain in the joints & muscles. The Overall symptoms in the body include Fatigue, fever, the chills, loss of appetite and also excessive sweating. Other related symptoms that can be caused by the virus is eye redness, intense headaches, skin rashes, and also vomiting.

Now that you have received a basic background on the Zika virus, were going to jump right into the juicy conspiracies. The first conspiracy that I’m going to discuss revolving around this virus has to do with the Rockefeller Foundation. Yes, I said the Rockefeller foundation, one of the great foundations that have had a big part on the building of the United States to make it how it is today. This actually dates back to the very beginning in 1947. Back when they originally found the virus, it was originally the Rockefeller foundation’s own researchers that

Mosquito spreading Zika Virus

discovered the first strain of the virus. For the past 70 years, the Rockefeller Foundation has been keeping this virus under wraps very suspiciously. Starting with The Foundation having own a shadowy Patent on the Zika virus itself, under the trade name “ATCC VR­84”. Rockefeller himself founded another foundation which is commonly recognized in the conspiracy community, known as the “Trilateral Commision”. Which has been tied with many conspiracies over­time that involve major and usual conspiracy things such as world domination. Why does it tie to the Zika virus? Well the Trilateral Commision is now controlled over the science division of the Rockefeller Foundation and now owns the Patent on the virus.

The other huge Conspiracy that surrounds the Zika virus and has mainly to do within the last few years. This is about Oxi­tec. Oxi­tec formerly known as the “Oxford Insect Technologies” , which their main and primary agenda revolves around genetically modified insects. The company released in 2015, an abundance of the new GMO ( Genetically Modified ) mosquitoes in Brazil, which is now the Epicenter of the Zika virus since the past year. The new species/ strain of mosquitoes that was released in Brazil was named “ OX513A”. Oxitec first revealed this GMO mosquito farming in 2012 with it’s main purpose to try to find different ways to treat Dengue fever. Both the Dengue and Zika virus are both mainly spread through the same species of mosquito, called “Aedes”. The epicenter of the virus Brazil, got so bad off due to the spread within the country from Zika, that they were very close to coming to the decision of shutting down the 2016 Rio Olympics but by cutting it very close they were able to pull it off and host the summer olympics. Now is it possible that the release of Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitos was the real reason behind the recent major outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil? Yes. It’s quite possible.

Now what would be the main purpose of creating such a strain of disease? I’ll tell you. The main conspiracy could be that companies such as Oxitec and The Rockefeller Foundation could be using the Zika virus to become the ultimate weapon. A Bio­weapon. Nothing could be more precise and more dangerous than biological and chemical warfare. Hence that’s why the Geneva

Convention banned such warfare, after the results and devastation in chemical warfare in World War 1. Though, These recent Outbreaks can only be just experiments… If these were only experiments, god knows what would be the actual offense. There’s a big chance that it could have something to do with population control. Which in recent news, the main controversy with the virus is it’s effects on babies. Since the recent outbreaks in Florida, births in the area all had experienced babies with very serious Birth defects, so severe that babies might not even last a full year. The specific birth defect that has quite bit of controversy is ”Microcephaly”, which is a birth defect that affects the brain and causes brain failure and increases the size of the cranium. This would make sense for such population control because in ten years the population is estimated to be increased up to 9­10 billion people on planet Earth. So in the Government’s eyes, population control is almost necessary in order to not overpopulate the world we hold so dear. So the question is why wouldn’t they? The U.S Government, despite of recent events in states, is completely downplaying this Zika virus situation. In fact, The Obama administration urges people not to panic yet, even though they have committed $1.8 billion in emergency funding. Therefore the Zika virus is a topic that should not be ignored and to not let truth be hidden from the public, before it’s too late.

Community written by The Iceman

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Die Glocke , A Nazi Wormhole Time Machine

What is Die Glocke?

Die Glocke is German for “The Bell”, a top secret Nazi device shaped like a large metal bell. the device was about 4 meters tall making it large enough for a person to climb inside. it was filled with a liquid code named “Xerum 525” which was metallic and purple in color. Five of the Seven Scientists working on this project allegedly died whilst working on it.

Die Glocke Replica

What did Die Glocke Do?

There are a few theories as to what the device did? Why was it important for it to be large enough for a human to fit inside?

One common Theory is that Die Glocke was somehow a trans-dimensional wormhole, allowing “The Bell” to be used as a teleportation device or possibly a Nazi Time Machine. It was already a common theory that during the war Nazis were working on making a time machine. It is understandable why a time machine would be an incredibly powerful asset during a World War so all avenues had to be explored. One indication that this theory might be true is that Die Glocke has been missing for coming up to 100 years, it is possible an experiment went wrong leaving Die Glocke and it’s traveler trapped somewhere in space-time.

Another Theory is that the device had superconductive properties and this allowed the liquid within to flow at high speeds and to do so indefinitely as a “free-energy” device. when the “Xerum 525” flows it creates a magnetic field which allowed the device to apparently float as if in zero gravity. There are many stories floating around claiming that UFOs are linked to Nazi Germany and this could be another one of those rumours adding to the story.

We don’t know what Die Glocke does but we can be certain it is something interesting.

Die Glocke and the Kecksburg Acorn

Some sources state that the famous UFO the Kecksburg Acorn shared the same markings as “Die Glocke” even though the UFO crashed to Earth 30 years later, this could imply that there is some power behind these markings that is already understood by Aliens, on the other hand it supports the theory that Hitler worked closely with Aliens and shared knowledge on this topic.

Many suggest Hitler worked closely with Aliens during WWII

Where is Die Glocke now?

There is Speculation that the device was moved to a Nazi-friendly South American country or moved to the USA as part of a deal. there is also the theory that it was lost in space-time depending on the use of “the Bell” itself. All that is known publicly is that we don’t know where it is now or what it’s purpose was.

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Why the UK Help to buy ISA is a Mind Hack and Psychological scam

What is the Help To Buy ISA

In the 2015 UK Budget there was a new introduction, the Help to Buy ISA. This is a scheme which gifts UK first time buyers 25% interest on money saved up to £12,000 in a specific account. This means the UK Government is giving out up to £3,000 to every UK resident that has yet to buy their first property. The condition is publicly known to be that this money must be used on a deposit for a mortgage, to buy a house. If for whatever reason you decide not to buy the house, you can still take that money out at any time but you lose the potential 25% government bonus. This ISA was a pretty massive change to help the UK, where the average income is £22,000 a year, and most banks expect an income of £41,000 a year to secure their mortgage. Does this ISA sound too good to be true? That is probably because it is.

Why it isn’t worth it?

As of today it has been announced that large bank Halifax has cut its ISA rate from 2.5% to 2.0%, Lloyds has also cut its rate from 2.0% to 1.5%. This gives the banks more money, as it lets them reinvest that money to make more money, this is something banks already do with your money if you were not aware.

A small-print clause in the Help to Buy ISA has revealed that the ISA cannot be used to put down a deposit on a house, in fact it cannot be used until the mortgage is is fully purchased. This is stinging buyers all over the UK right now as people were not made aware of this until they attempted to purchase houses, and with the scheme being so young it is only just coming to light now, a year later.

You can only put in 200 pounds a month, meaning to get your full ISA you will need to wait 4 and a half years, this is why it has only just come to light that there are issues with the scheme.

The bonus is only applied at the end of the tax year as well, potentially causing you to miss out on tax benefits for 12 months!

The Help to Buy ISA is too good to be true

Why it is actually a clever Scam?

The UK has a big problem in that there is wasted money in the system. Many people see a house as an incredibly long term goal and are demotivated to begin to save up for a house. 60% of people in the UK have less than £1,000 pounds in their savings and this is leading to people having to rent their whole lives wasting money. You would think that the people in charge of these laws would not want to devalue their own properties but they are so large that property devaluation probably doesn’t affect them. There are two great motivators that affect why people do what they do. These are monetary motivation and social motivation. People are affected by motivators differently but apparently there wasn’t enough social motivation in the UK to convince residents to seek to buy houses so instead the government has opted for this financial motivation, a scheme which has worked very well. But this has only worked well as a motivator.

Play with this idea, imagine the government knows that people will be motivated by the 25%. They will be more willing to start saving up, putting them in a better position and making them less reliant on government handouts or any other kind of support since they can now afford their own support. If you tell the population you will give them a free £3,000 if they can save up £12,000 and then turn around and say that they can’t have the £3,000 then they are going to be angry (rightly so), however they did just successfully manage to trick the resident into finally starting to save money which is what the government actually wants from the scheme.

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The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program formerly known as H.A.A.R.P is a Top secret research base located Gakona, Alaska founded in 1993 by the U.S Air Force, The U.S Navy, The University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The mysterious facility isolated away from the Alaskan population alleged purpose was to analyze and study The specific layer in our atmosphere known as the “Ionosphere” , so they can supposedly find and develop some new technologies for Satellite communications and surveillance. This “H.A.A.R.P” Program received a $250 million dollar contribution in tax-fund and operating costs. The Initial definition of this very Program, no matter how “discreet” the government was trying to make it out to be, still sounds at the least, very and completely suspicious.

Close up of HAARP base

In This photo above, shows the biggest and most crucial part of equipment at the facility, that sticks out like sore thumb. This instrument is called the “Ionospheric Research Instrument” (IRI) which is a high-powered radio frequency transmitter; in simple terms it’s a way in which it can pinpoint an exact position within the Ionosphere.

shot of HAARP from the air

Now, here’s where I get to the Juicy part of this conspiracy. When you have the power to pinpoint any certain location or region within the Ionosphere, you can have the power to modify or cause any anomaly almost in a flick of a switch per say. Yes, that Includes Weather Control. Weather altering and/or “Weather Control” is actually a lot more plausible than it humorously sounds. Sending out certain electronic frequencies into this “Ionospheric” layer can be have some pretty distinguishable and catastrophic effects. Controlling the weather can be an ultimate power, a power that should not be in the hands of any government. Conspiracy Theorists across the globe say that it can be linked to thousands and maybe millions of weather disasters/events such as earthquakes, floods, droughts and massive storms, that not only destroyed certain areas but also certain economies that can have an everlasting effect. Let me ask you this. Was hurricane Katrina purposely initiated? Or was even something as a small weather adjustment could of caused certain historical crashes like the destruction of the space shuttle Colombia. Whatever so-called natural disaster that’s happened could have also been an impactful plot made by the government or a specific group of high-ranking officials that are pulling the strings. We the citizens of the world just don’t know.

Another huge factor that the H.A.A.R.P program could have possibly been in play with is what we know as “Mind-control” which links back to a whole another conspiracy theory in the 1960’s we all know as the former C.I.A project “MK Ultra”.But can controlling the ionosphere layer really trigger something within our brain chemistry that involve us doing certain actions, I can tell you here that it’s quite possible. Sounds crazy yet? Maybe. That’s why it’s so easy that the government can get away with almost any conspiracy like this. Simply because it’s “too out there” or it’s “completely impossible”. That’s up for you to decide, the citizen on which is true. Is it just a research facility that is just studying the atmosphere in the name of science or is it really a modern-day Pandora’s Box?

Community written by The Iceman

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What the Green Party gains from leaving the EU

David Cameron, Photo Credit Charlie Reynolds

Who are the Green Party?

The Green Party is a UK political party based on the principles of “Green Politics”. This means they focus heavily on issues including social justice, animal rights and environmentalism. Currently lead by Natalie Bennett the UK Green party is very stereotypically viewed by the youth of the UK as the “good” party as they fight for the social issues that the UK Youth has been lead to believe are most important such as social justice and environmentalism. The downside here is that students famously have not used their votes in the past. In the Brexit vote only 36% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 actually voted. If the Green Party is ever to come into power this will need to change.

What is Brexit?

To our readers who aren’t from EU I will give a brief summary (although im sure news has made it’s way across the pond). David Cameron (UK Prime Minister) is a supporter of staying in the EU and while this is great for the EU as you may have realized the UK has a large percentage who don’t want to be in the EU. In an attempt to silence this issue before the next elections and stay in power David Cameron called for a vote (in an attempt to silence the leave voters). The same situation worked out very well recently in the Scottish independence vote, silencing the Scottish who wanted to leave the UK. This time however, this opened door was much more dangerous. The Leave vote won with 52% of the total votes and only 70% of the UK actually voted, a big difference could have been made had the students voted.

Green Party votes on the rise

What would the Green Party gain from leaving the EU?

The Green Party wants the students to utilize their vote, the UK Youth famously does not use their votes and actually have a lot of power, they just don’t realize it yet because they are so new to voting and it feels too macro for many of them. So this was Natalie Bennetts chance to teach a lesson. We don’t know if this was Natalies plan and she had discussed this with David Cameron as the referendum was purely a political move by David Cameron. It was in the Green Party interest to scare the students into voting next time ,and what scares students more than a decision being made that isn’t politically correct. The EU vote registration was even extended , another intentional scare tactic warning students that this was your second chance, don’t waste it.

And then the votes were counted, the UK is now leaving the EU. The GBP has dropped by over 10% globally. Many students pointed fingers blaming racists or the elderly, not realizing how easily they could have avoided this. And now every student knows that the next time they have to vote they can make a big difference and with currently 28% of students voting Green (and steadily climbing) this might finally be the Green Party year. Brexit was just a warning.

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JFK and The Magic Bullet Theory

Who is JFK?

John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States of America, JFK was the 4th (and most recent) president to have been assasinated and there is a large amount of controversy surrounding his death.

JFK in a car

JFK Assasination

JFK was very famously assasinated, he also had a lot of trouble keeping secrets and always very honest with the American people. This was a problem for the American government because certain secrets ( such as Fort Knox being empty, or Area 51 containing Alien vessels ) were deemed unfit for the public, and JFK wanted to tell people about this. He disempowered the federeal reserve system and made many bold decisions which we won’t be going into now. The Warren Report was the main document surrouning the presidents assasination and this is widely regarded as a cover up document with many inconsistencies, the one we are going to talk about today is known as the “Magic Bullet” Theory.

What is the JFK Magic Bullet Theory

A very general theory to the JFK assaination is that there were more than one shooters, one famously known (Lee Harvey Oswald) who is considered the government patsy, the mentally ill fall guy for the US Government. The second shooter a government agent trained to not miss, to make sure the JFK would be fatally wounded. The issue with this was the when the Warren Report came out they would have to scrub any evidence making it seem like there was more than one shooter which famously lead the the single bullet theory suggesting that a single bullet did all damage to the president and other people in the car.

Magic Bullet Trajectory

“The magic bullet enters the President’s back, headed downward at an angle of 17 degrees. It then moves upward in order to leave Kennedy’s body from the front of his neck – his neck wound number two – where it waits 1.6 seconds, turns right and continues into Connally’s body at the rear of his right armpit – wound number three. Then, the bullet heads downward at an angle of 27 degrees, shattering Connally’s fifth rib and leaving from the right side of his chest – wounds four and five. The bullet continues downward and then enters Connally’s right wrist – wound number six – shattering the radius bone. It then enters his left thigh – wound number seven – from which it later falls out and is found in almost “pristine” condition on a stretcher in a corridor of Parkland Hospital.”

Jim Garrison JFK(1991)

Obviously it seems crazy for this to happen espeically the part where the bullet hangs in the air for almost two seconds, there are some more outrageous theories that mock thise theory by saying that aliens intentionally pause the bullet in mid air to make sure it killed JFK and they turn it from the spaceship. It is very clear that some information has been covered up here and also when they found the “Magic Bullet” it looked almost pristine.

Pristine Bullet

I recomend people have a read through of the actual document as this is only one of very many strange coincidences in the Warren Report

Where was the magic bullet found?

Many people are curious as to where the magic bullet was found, or if it was ever found at all as the name implies it is mysterious. The bullet was apparently discovered in a gurney after the assaination had taken place at the Parkland Memorial Hospital. This circumstances seems very suspicious and may have been intentionally left there to cover up the tracks of the conspiracy.

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What did George Bush gain from 9/11?

Who is George W. Bush?

George W. Bush (henceforth referred to as Bush) was the 43rd President of the United States of America, serving from 2001 to 2009. There was a large amount of controversy surrounding Bush in each election he took part in. There was a particular controversy in the Al Gore presidential race with claims of gerrymandering and demands for recounts of votes in many states.

George Bush Angry

“America and our friends and allies join with all those who want peace and security in the world, and we stand together to win the war against terrorism.”

George W. Bush

What Would Bush stand to gain from 9/11?

Bush had a lot to gain from a large scale terrorism attack, a war could keep him in power for longer than a presidential term and the Bush family has long been very powerful. Prescott Bush (George’s grandfather) was one of the people who helped fund Hitler’s rise to power, this is a trend that has continued in the Bush family, George Bush Senior and his son both becoming president can’t be a coincidence. It is possible that if a large scale war broke out the normal presidency term could be increased, keeping the Bush family in power.
George bush himself said that the 9/11 attack provided a “great opportunity”. Bush was looking for a chance to expand Americas influence, “American peace is to be maintained, and expanded” and a terror attack was the perfect Pearl Harbour 2.0 to move the USA forward!

Evidence of George Bush’s involvement

All of the Bush’s cabinet had met with the funder of the 9/11 attacks in the week before the attack, a convenient time to discuss details of the attack.

Rudy Giuliani reported the hit on the Pentagon a few minutes before the attack actually happened, in an attempt to get early and powerful coverage the big media company CNN accidentally revealed they had been tipped off by the attack before it actually happened. He also gave a series of incredibly well rehearsed speeches on the day, where did he find the time to prepare these speeches?

Military responses from NORAD were suspiciously slow and many changes had been introduced in the weeks before the actual attacks took place, the standard air force response time in the USA used to be 4 minutes. And the stock prices for american airlines dropped by almost 50% on the day!


There seems to be a large amount of events which must have been pre-planned in order to pull of this scale of cover-up to rally the troops and start war! Whether it was about getting the attackers on the plane, planning the media coverage or actually knocking down the building the president of the United States must have been behind this.

Got any opinions to share? Let us know in the comments.

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Shia LaBeouf, Troubled Star or Work of Fiction?

Who is Shia?

Shia LaBeouf (henceforth referred to as Shia) is a name that many people will have heard before. Shia rose to fame as the Louis Stevens in the TV show Even Stevens and later starred in the new Transformers franchise.

Shia La Breakdown

Shia La Breakdown

Shia has been a controversial figure in Hollywood since the end of the filming of Even Stevens. Shia has been constantly seeking attention through stunts for years. It seems likely that Shia is simply a character invented by the actor Louis Stevens when he began to fade into obscurity. Many other actors have attempted similiar things, Rowan Atkinson invented “Mr Bean”, Leigh Francis invented “Keith Lemmon” but none have gone to the level of ‘Shia’ who publicly denies that he was ever known as Louis Stevens.

But why?

Shia’s, or should we say Louis’ stunts have created a lot of free publicity for his films and career. A notable example was his supposedly impromptu video which was accidentally infront of a green screen, do you think this was a coincidence?

Shia's Viral Video

The character Shia LaBeouf also appeared in another viral video “Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf” in 2012 which could be the turning point at which the actor fully embraced the Shia LaBeouf identity.

Shia quickly embraced this viral video

These ‘breakdowns’ and publicity stunts have pushed his career past what could possibly have been attained as Louis Stevens. This is known as the “Miley Cyrus Factor”. Stevens is not the first to try this and certainly wont be that last… but can we really blame him?

“Do It”

Shia LaBeouf
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What are Chemtrails?

Wouldn’t it be convenient if we had a way to spread chemicals over a large area for any purpose, from killing pests to lacing the air with dangerous chemicals there would surely be many benefits to this technology.

Well this technology already exists, and has existed for a very long time, if it is a sunny day outside have a look up in the sky and chances are you can see the trails left behind by any commercial airliner. There are chemtrails , or chemical trails.
A plane leaving behind chemtrails


Patents already exist out there for aerosol distribution in the United States (as pictured below).It is said that if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck, why would a patent exist for chemical distribution if they weren’t planning on implementing it! You can distinguish the chemtrails from actual vapor trail by how quickly they dissipate in the air. A normal chemtrail will stay in the air for about 12-48 hours depending on the chemical used as they slowly dissipate to earth.
An actual patent for chemtrail distribution technology

So Why Should I care?

Have you ever had the so called “mystery Flu”? Where suddenly you and all your co-workers are struck down sick at the same time and we are incapable to do anything about it? This could have been a chemtrail attack on your city so be careful.

“If the existence of Nuclear weapons has taught us anything it would simply be that just because we possess powerful technologies, it does not necessarily mean that we should use them. Unfortunately, we are currently on course to learn similarly grave lessons from other devastating technologies such Genetically Modified Foods, Chemtrails and HAARP.”

Gary Hopkins
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